"Good" Foods That Are "Bad" For You

"Good" Foods That Are "Bad" For You

You are kicking bad eating habits to the curb, but some things you are ingesting might be fooling you into thinking this way. All foods that claim to be good for you might actually be filling your body with junk.

Diet soda

No calories means it must benefit you somehow. Wrong. Diet soda is overflowing with sodium. Marketers fail to tell you this when they tell you it is so much better than regular soda. While it is lower in sugar and calories than regular soda it contains aspartame and mounds of sodium. Many people believe aspartame is poisonous to one's system over time. Diet soda will lift you with its caffeine, but is it worth it to feel bloated and be throwing sodium into your system?

Baked Chips

You can't eat just one baked chip. They seem so innocent in their light, fluffy way. Baked chips are processed and sprinkled with lots of sodium or sugar to help the flavor. The reason regular chips are so bad for the body is the oil they are cooked in. The chips contain potatoes, oil and salt. Baked chips are made with corn starch, corn oil, corn starch and soy lecithin. This means baked chips are far from being organic and are filled with genetically modified ingredients. The reason they may make you gain inches is you think you can eat more, but you might be doing just as much damage.


Yogurt is a tricky one. Yogurt is not actually bad for you in its pure form. Once you start adding all the tricks and treats to it is when the sugar level hits the ceiling. When fruits and high fructose corn syrup are added to yogurt it can inch into being more of a dessert than a healthy snack. Make sure to read the label to know what you are buying and what is exactly in that small container of dairy.


Smoothies can be a full day's worth of calories if one isn't careful. If you make the smoothie at home throwing in ice, fruit and yogurt then you just might be okay. Smoothies you buy in a drive thru seem much more tasty, but are much more harmful. Most of a smoothie is floating sugar in liquid. The fruit has natural sugars, but more is added to entice the flavor. If you want a smoothie then make sure you know the ingredients. They can be great if made in the correct way.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are just granola bars spiced up. Unless you know they are made with only a few ingredients, you are basically eating a special candy bar. Energy bars can often be packed with sugar and preservatives. Sometimes an energy bar might as well be dessert if you are eating a chocolate pecan peanut butter energy bar!

Read the labels. You will stay healthy if you know what is going in your mouth. The television ads will tell you what you want to hear so you will buy that product. Anything in excess is bad, but knowing before you even put it in your mouth is best. We all have days we fail and eat a few bowls of ice cream, but if we were to eat like this each day we know our weight loss goals would not be met. The same goes with foods we think are healthy. The best way to think might just be to eat like your grandparents where everything is made with local ingredients and fast food just wasn't in their mind. Back then they didn't call it organic; they called it dinner!

Posted on 1/11/2012 1:19:00 PM by Julie Adams