Prescription hCG

hCG is an acronym for human chorionic gonadotropin; a hormone produced naturally in the human body. Its primary purpose is to keep the body healthy even in times of low calorie intake and to create skin elasticity. It was discovered that hCG enables access to stored fat in any human body. When a small amount of hCG is administered the effect is that the body becomes able to access stored body fat to use as the primary fuel or calorie pool up to 2,000-3,500 calories a day. There is no hunger and despite the rapid weight loss, no sagging skin. Patients are able to maintain the weight loss easily and as such hCG weight loss often claims to be a cure for obesity.

The Diet by Design difference

  • Success and experience with hundreds of patients has enabled us to simplify and modify Dr. Simeon’s program to provide patients the maximum results.
  • Focus on personalized patient service, and only on weight loss and longevity….Diet by Design is not a network of doctors, call center or internet driven business.
  • Exceptional medical care and supervision through our licensed MD. Including comprehensive lab testing.
  • Exceptional support resources are available including a dietician, a therapist and physical trainers.
  • The highest quality, natural hCG.
  • All inclusive pricing includes comprehensive pre-treatment labwork. Patient results show consistent improvements in cholesterol, blood sugar levels, kidney and thyroid functions and overall hormone balance.
  • Weekly follow-up visits to review patient progress, provide support and to monitor blood pressure. Many patients reduce their blood pressure medication or stop using it all together while on the program and return to a reduced dosage, if any, after the program.

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